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Welcome to the research group on Non-Linear Physics and Out of Equilibrium Systems (NOLIN) of the department of Physics. We work in the modelling of non-linear aspects of some selected Biological and Physical systems. We are part of the consolidated research group "Computational Biology and complex systems (BIOCOM-SC)".

Here, you can find information about our research interests, the researchers working at this moment in the different projects of the group and the most recent publications in international journals. This webpage will be promptly updated with all the news concerning the researchers of the group and their activities. Young students and scientists will also find information about open positions and other ways to incorporate into our research group. 

Contact: Non-Linear Physics and Out of Equilibrium Systems
Department of Physics
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)
Escola Politècnica Superior d'edificació de Barcelona
Av. Dr. Marañon 44-50, 08028, Barcelona, Spain