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Mathematical Biophysics seminars

The NOLIN Lab together with professors from the mathematical department of the UPC interested on mathematical Biology organize regular informal seminars.  

The seminars take place usually in the room 0.6 of the EPSEB.

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  • //2018 (12:30) TBA



  • 29/06/2018 (12:30) David Conesa: Analysis of homeostatic regulation in cardiac cells
  • 15/06/2018 (12:30) Felix Campelo: Lipid homeostasis controls the shape, function and organization of the Golgi membranes
  • 1/06/2018 (12:15) Dafni Giannari: Short tutorial on Myokit
  • 11/05/2018 (12:30) Tomas Lázaro: Prebiotic evolution: small hypercycles with shortcircuits
  • 23/3/2018 (12:30) Ramón Planet: Two-phase displacements in a gap-modulated Hele-Shaw cell
  • 9/3/2018 (12:30) Dafni Giannari: The effect of brain geometry on magnetoencephalographic measurements
  • 15/2/2018 (12:00) José J. Muñoz: Force Inference Tools in Mechanobiology
  • 30/11/2017 (12:00) Miquel Marchena: Introduction to Ipython notebook
  • 26/10/2017 (12:00) Martí Català: The bubble model, a computational model for undestanding tuberculosis lesions dynamics in lungs.
  • 8/9/2017 (12:00) Francesc Font: Mathematical modeling of phase change at the nanoscale
  • 21/7/2017 (12:00) Pedro A. Arroyo: Discretization-dependent model for weakly connected excitable media
  • 14/7/2017 (15:00) Alexander V. Panfilov: Multiple mechanisms of cardiac arrhythmias studied using anatomically accurate modeling
  • 7/7/2017 (12:00) John Bush: Pilot-wave hydrodynamics
  • 9/6/2017 (12:00) Carsten Wiuf. Mathematical tools for analyzing systems of Ordinary Differential Equations
  • 7/6/2017 (12:00) Rodrigo Weber dos Santos. The multi-use of an optimization-based algorithm for the construction of biological networks: from arterial trees to cardiac Purkinje networks
  • 26/5/2017 (12:00) Enric Álvarez. Biological signaling networks. Robustness in cell decision  
  • 7/4/2017 (12:00) Gemma Huguet. Neuroprotective Role of Gap Junctions in a Neuron-Astrocyte Network Model
  • 10/3/2017 (12:00) Claudia Hawks. Connexin dynamics in cardiac tissue
  • 1/3/2017 (12:00) Sergio Alonso. Rheology of Living Cells: applications to active matter.
  • 8/2/2017 (11:30) Annette Witt. Custering and Correlation of Extreme Events.
  • 2/1/2017 (11:30) Toni Guillamon. Bifurcacions no locals bàsiques en sistemes d'equacions diferencials.
  • 1/12/2016 (12:15) Sergio Alonso. Stochastic computational methods: From microscopic algorithms to mesoscopic and macroscopic equations.
  • 10/11/2016 (12:15) Miquel Marchena. Development of a computational model of calcium signaling in cardiac cells at the submicron scale.