Computational Cardiac Modeling

Arrhythmias in cardiac tissue are related to irregular electrical wave propagation in the heart. Some types of arrhythmias have been frequently related with fibrosis and ischemia of the tissue, which typically reduce the speed of propagation of the electrical wave. Cardiac tissue is typically model with the continuous cable equations where mathematical instabilities of the waves can give rise to arrhythmias. Furthermore, tissues are formed by a discrete network of cells, which, normally, are far to be homogeneous. Fibrosis are related with non-conducting regions at the cellular level which may gives rise to additional wave production and the onset of arrhythmias.


Current Projects


  • Computational Models of microstructure of cardiac tissue, Funded by CAPES (Brazil) by the Program “Science without borders”, Brazil, 2015-2017 (Federal University of Juiz de fora)

  • Development and application of auricular myocyte models for the investigation of mechanisms of high risk patients of attrial fibrillation. Funded by the “Marató de TV3” foundation (Spain), Spain 2016-2019


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